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AN HOUR AGO These sandals are seriously the definition of "cheap chic" http://t.co/Lc1j7eRw6p

2 HOURS AGO It's a wrap for your bad rep: http://t.co/nSxZE5JBAh

3 HOURS AGO OMG @DebbyRyan's getting married?! http://t.co/zZV6J1Sif3


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Middle Skoo MADNESS!
have any drama going on?? guys, studying, friends, anything well share it with me on middle skoo maddnes
CATEGORY: Middle School | CREATED: 4/4/2011 | MEMBERS: 7
VP: 7714st
SECRETARY: <3_rainbow_skittles_<3
Boyz: 1010gurl
friendz: adalyn369
Who would you like to invite?


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