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5 HOURS AGO #TBT (even if it's only Monday...) This HSM reunion is making us super nostalgic: http://t.co/uTtlt9Ozdx pic.twitter.com/VTDzKvp48y

6 HOURS AGO Got that one zit that won't go away? Here's what to do: http://t.co/bzWgdvbI04 pic.twitter.com/OFtHEWR8Ba

7 HOURS AGO #QUIZ: Are you good at making friends?: http://t.co/FngJHiEtbK pic.twitter.com/TanHcB6ji0


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S.T.B.F stands for ' Soon To Be Famous'. This club will be like a confidence data base for all girls who want to be recognized in the world! We girls have to stick together and support each other. Who knows? One day, we might just be some of the most powerful women on Earth!
All of my Officer positions are 'Up 4 Grabs'. To become an officer, tell me what you want to be when you grow up, a unique idea on how you can support others, and how often you'd be able to post.
Thx everyone!
CATEGORY: Hobbies | CREATED: 11/24/2012 | MEMBERS: 1
PRESIDENT: Malrose2552
VP: Up 4 Grabs
Confidence Contact: Up 4 Grabs
Guru de Advice: Up 4 Grabs
Who would you like to invite?


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