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13 HOURS AGO Allergies have been killer this season, but we have the #DIY cure that'll change your life: http://t.co/Mx9yWADH6D pic.twitter.com/UhUqPuBKW4

14 HOURS AGO Why head to the salon when you can get fab nails at home?: http://t.co/rDavConTQa pic.twitter.com/cA8pIvzY96

15 HOURS AGO Let your locks relax this summer 💆:http://t.co/qtqWkAgX588pic.twitter.com/b270a1I8uOO


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Dance IS a sport! For dancers(:
This is for all those dancers looking for advice and how tos regarding dance and all things about the sport!Join today(:
CATEGORY: Eating Right & Fitness | CREATED: 12/30/2012 | MEMBERS: 2
PRESIDENT: chiller62
VP: user name
TREASURER: user name
SECRETARY: user name
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