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1 HOURS AGO We promise your period won't attract sharks: http://t.co/H10I4MnO7t pic.twitter.com/e9QDrgjqAY

2 HOURS AGO These #DIY decorations are sure to make sparks fly: http://t.co/xzQIh2Wasv pic.twitter.com/3Ztn27OkAl

3 HOURS AGO #GIVEAWAY: 5 gals stomp the halls in @reef84 Rover Slip-On TX sneakers. http://t.co/pDLL9I6JGA


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POTTERHEADS AND THEATRE ARTS UNITE! if you like harry potter and/or theatre arts (a.k.a. acting, drama classes, etc.) then you will have fun in this club. Plus theres not a lot of HP clubs or drama clubs (online... as in clubs. Im being too explainitive.. thats a word i made up.. ehh) on GL, so spread the word and join! PLUS VP TREASURER AND SECRETARY JOBS OPEN!!!
CATEGORY: Acting/Singing/Dancing | CREATED: 4/29/2011 | MEMBERS: 9
PRESIDENT: devilishAngel219

Who would you like to invite?


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