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9 HOURS AGO How to ask a guy out and not be super awk and sketchy: http://t.co/l6Imxj9xVp

12 HOURS AGO Feelin' crafty? Make mom the perf #MothersDay prezzie: http://t.co/Of1DdcU6k7

13 HOURS AGO 6 excuses to get off your butt and have some fun outdoors: http://t.co/z1vY4OZjTX


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aLoHa! I'm Back It's Me GeenieD...
Whether You Like It Or Not It's Summer& If You're In Middle School or Going In, You'll Need Mwah!
Sometimes You'll Be Wondering WHY aren't YOU Getting All The Attention, WHY Hasn't Anyone Asked You Out? WHY Isn't... Life's Tough and yOu Just Gotta LafaD. Come On In and Join Now :0 :) :P
CATEGORY: Fashion/Shopping | CREATED: 1/11/2012 | MEMBERS: 4

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