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5 ways to deal when you're feeling depressed

Depression is an awful thing to go through, and it can make you feel like there’s no one who understands you. While it can be tough to beat, it doesn’t have to be a constant state. And while feeling...



My BF never wants to do anything fun...should I dump him?

My boyfriend is really sweet but he doesn’t do anything. We’ve been going out for several months but he is shy and I’m the one who asks him to dances, movies, the roller rink, or anything like that. My best...



Believe it or not, you *can* stay fit this Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving may be the one day you can get as stuffed as your turkey, but it doesn't have to be a TOTALLY unhealthy day. Check out our five steps for keeping things a little more moderate. 1. Go for...



This Thanksgiving, we're thankful for all these awesome celebs

At this time of year, it's time to give thanks, and one of the most important things to be thankful for are all the amazing people in your life. We're lucky to have our friends and family, but there...



How cute are these DIY turkey pops?

Tomorrow, it's time to give thanks for your family, friends...and these yummy-looking treats. Everyone will be sure to gobble them up! Here's what you'll need: A bag of marshmallows Chocolate chips or candy melts Lollipop sticks Candy corn Edible pearls Here's how to...



This is *exactly* how you should do your makeup this Thanksgiving

If you're like us, you'll be seeing a *lot* of friends and family around the Thanksgiving table this year. Put your best face forward with these fierce'n'festive looks—and fend off all of Aunt Mabel's Qs about why you're still...



The first Captain America: Civil War trailer is here!

There are a lot of things to be thankful for in life, and today, one of them is the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Last night on Jimmy Kimmel Live, Marvel debuted the very first trailer for their next upcoming film, Captain...



Tonight Pretty Little Liars goes #5YearsForward

When Pretty Little Liars finally revealed A's identity, we were still left with plenty of questions. Though we'll have to wait until January for the next season, tonight we'll get the chance to see the exciting #5YearsForward special. In...



Bust exercise boredom with these 3 interval workouts

It may seem hard to believe with all the stretching and sweating, but working out can get super boring. The good news? It doesn't have to be. Interval workouts are a fun, exciting way to shake up your sweat sesh...



Just when you think you can't love Z more... find out she does her own makeup. Yep, you read that right. Slayage Queen Zendaya handled her own red-carpet look for the AMAs. Glamour magazine was #blessed to follow Zendaya around on her big day, getting a glimpse...



#ThatAwkwardMomentWhen... Tell us your awkward story for a chance to be in the mag!

Everybody has moments—or days, sometimes even years! And though those moments can be totally cringe-worthy at the time, later we often laugh. Here at GL, we love a good awkward moment (at least we do later on) and we...



The one thing that makes a guy lose interest

I’ll be talking to one of my guy friends about his GF, and he’ll tell me how much he likes her, how cool she is, blah blah blah. The next week, he tells me he’s lost interest and is breaking...



*Win it!* Come one, come all and read about the intriguing oddities in Curiosity House: The Shrunken Head

Thomas, Pippa, Max and Sam of new novel Curiosity House: The Shrunken Head are no ordinary children. But then again, nothing is normal at Dumfrey's Dime Museum of Freaks, Oddities and Wonders, where they live among their fabulously eccentric friends—a...



Love these looks: 2015 American Music Awards

Last night's American Music Awards were filled with amazing performances and crazy moments (check out or highlights here and the full list of winners here), but, as always, one of our favorite parts of the night was all the amazing...



Last night's American Music Awards seriously rocked

The 2015 American Music Awards aired last night and it was a show full of surprises and amazing performances. Between the incredible fashion, getting to see some of our favorite celebrities meet each other and witnessing serious superstars belt it...



Is sleeping in a bra *actually* bad for you?

If you're a girl who wears a bra, you probably have an opinion about sleeping in it—or at least have heard a million. Sleeping in a bra keeps your boobs from getting saggy. Sleeping in a bra causes cancer. Sleeping...

As the holidays really take off, what's one thing you HAVE to do this year?


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