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  • Perfect

    by pinkskittle16

    The publishers are interested and have asked me to send...

    read more 116 girls love it 79 can't wait to read it
  • Our Journey

    by kenbon

    I have been accepted for publication! This means, and I'm...

    read more 106 girls love it 76 can't wait to read it
  • Bent Or Broken

    by coolkitten24

    Melissa Gavin is a witch but doesn't realize it, it's...

    read more 28 girls love it 26 can't wait to read it
  • Coded

    by rgm915

    When you turn 15 you can sign the contract. Once...

    read more 26 girls love it 27 can't wait to read it
  • The Huntress Oath

    by morgangame3

    All she wanted was a stroll in the woods. Hazel...

    read more 11 girls love it 13 can't wait to read it
  • Tears of Blood

    by kcmoore31

    Hannah MacAroy is a 15 year old girl who just...

    read more 10 girls love it 9 can't wait to read it
  • For everyone... Just Listen, For Once

    by faithmasquerade

    No matter who you are, what you look like, where...

    read more 30 girls love it 12 can't wait to read it
  • First Down: Love

    by tombradylover

    An ordinary girl falls in love with a big time...

    read more 5 girls love it 4 can't wait to read it
  • Save You

    by DDacat

    After being thought missing for six years, Kiera Gallagher returns...

    read more 27 girls love it 21 can't wait to read it
  • And That's How The Story Goes

    by AmarisKade

    Today I was captured, thrown on a horse and carted...

    read more 6 girls love it 1 can't wait to read it

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