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Q&As with writers you love

Jennifer Donnelly talks historical fiction and mermaids

We’ve been waiting for the latest from Revolution author Jennifer Donnelly for ages. And it’s finally here! Deep Blue hit bookshelves today, and it’s a...

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Sarah Dessen on picking favorites, choosing titles and being famous

We’re pretty sure the whole world adores Sarah Dessen, and we—and our amazing readers—are no different. Sarah answered a bunch of GL reader questions not too long...

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6 incredible lessons from Gabriel Garcia Marquez

The great Gabriel Garcia Marquez passed away today at the age of 87. He was born in Aracataca, Colombia, and wrote about what he knew in vibrant...

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Go inside the Tiger's Curse series with Colleen Houck

Thought the Tiger’s Curse series was done? Not so fast! A few weeks ago, Colleen announced that she’ll be releasing a novella in the Tiger’s...

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Elizabeth Eulberg answers reader Qs about writing romance

Prom and Prejudice. The Lonely Hearts Club. Take a Bow. Revenge of the Girl with the Great Personality. Better Off Friends. Yep, just a roster...

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Bianca Turetsky takes us back in time

It’s been three years since The Time-Traveling Fashionista made her debut on bookshelves—and the Titanic. Since then, author Bianca Turetsky has traveled with heroine Louise Lambert to...

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