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See it all, all at once. Because sometimes, you don't wanna pick and choose.

10 tales where teens save the world

What’s better than a great book? A story that hits home. Here are our 10 picks that tackle environmental problems, just in time for Earth Day...

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BabyLit? Please, we want ALL of these illustrated classics for “kids”

I’m a sucker for children’s books, but the ones I covet are typically the same hardbacks I read over and over again when I was...

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You need to read One Hundred Years of Solitude. These 10 quotes show you why

For some reason, the more someone tells us we need to read something, the more work it feels like to actually crack it open and read...

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Birdy is back! Watch her new lyric music vid for The Fault In Our Stars

Have you seen the track list for The Fault In Our Stars soundtrack? If you thought The Hunger Games was amazing, just you wait ‘til you get a...

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Celebrate Teen Lit Day by rockin' the drop!

Happy Teen Literature Day, #inklings! To join the party, grab a book you’re dying to share with the world and get ready to Rock the Drop. What’s...

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No biggie! 10 coming-of-age stories that just happened to score a Pulitzer nom

The Pulitzer Prize for Fiction is kind of a big deal. It’s awarded annually—except when the committee can’t pick a winner (or decides no book is deserving)...

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