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on the blog - obsessions

Everything bookish we're digging right this second, from DIYs to fashion and beyond.'s addictive new game app

There’s a new game in town that we can’t get enough of. And it’s a—bite back that cringe!—vocab app. Yup, released an educational game...

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The key to straight-A's, awesome parties & the best-ever book club: SparkNotes!

So, you're cramming for a huge test and you don't have a study guide to reference. Tragic! Don't let yourself get caught in this slacker...

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Sneak peek of Julia Kagawa's The Forever Song is here!

One of our favorite fantasy authors is getting ready to release the latest in her current series and we are So. Flipping. Excited. Today, Julia Kagawa (you...

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Snowed in? Snowshoe-it to the library!

While perusing Facebook this morning, we found the perfect library sign. No, seriously. It’s perfect. Being cold isn’t the reason you need to get...

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Finally! The Ministry of Magic flies into the 21st century and launches a website

In case you haven’t noticed, we heart Harry Potter spoofs, and we’re big on the latest one: A website for the Ministry of Magic, created by...

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On our wishlist: Writing Is Wonderful journal

Like most writers—or so I imagine—I have piles of half-used journals and notebooks littering my desk. I love the allure of a clean slate, and this Galison...

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