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on the blog - obsessions

Everything bookish we're digging right this second, from DIYs to fashion and beyond.

Finally! The Ministry of Magic flies into the 21st century and launches a website

In case you haven’t noticed, we heart Harry Potter spoofs, and we’re big on the latest one: A website for the Ministry of Magic, created by...

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On our wishlist: Writing Is Wonderful journal

Like most writers—or so I imagine—I have piles of half-used journals and notebooks littering my desk. I love the allure of a clean slate, and this Galison...

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This awesome Moleskin pencil

I decided it was time to head to the check-out line in Barnes & Noble when my arms were piled high with hardbacks. And I was...

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Improv Everywhere sends Harry Potter to Penn Station. Cue the "awws"....

We’ve been bookmarking Improv Everywhere’s Movies In Real Life series for months now. And while Ghostbusters at the New York Public Library sent us into tears and...

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We're head over heels for this Romeo and Juliet iPhone case

There are a bunch of stellar iPhone cases out there, but for the month of October, this one’s stealing our hearts. Now that Romeo and Juliet...

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Amazing mustachioed men = awesome character inspo

When professional photographer Greg Anderson heard about the National Beard and Mustache Championships, he was bummed--he'd missed a fabulous photo opportunity by just a day...

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