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Wear your words! Newsprint nail art how-to

School’s almost back in sesh and you should be polishing off the last of your summer reading books. While you’re waitin’ for your first day back, why not try this beautifully bookish nail art. We chatted with Pixie Polish nail guru, Hannah, for tips on how to get A+ worthy nails. Hannah says, “Hold (the newspaper) down firmly for approximately 15 seconds, then remove paper slowly. You can peel up a tiny bit to check if it transferred to your nail. If not, try dabbing more alcohol onto the paper and hold down again.”


What you’ll need:

White/Light Grey Nail Polish

Rubbing Alcohol

Small Bowl

Cotton Swabs



Top Coat


What you’ll do:

1. Paint your nails with the white or light grey polish. Let dry completely before moving on.

2. Cut up a small square of newsprint.

3. Fill a small bowl with some rubbing alcohol and dip one of your fingers in for about five seconds.

4. Take the square of paper and place it on your nail for fifteen seconds and slowly peel it off. Be sure to put the side you want on your nails face down.

5. If there is any excess paper left on your skin, dip a cotton swab in the rubbing alcohol and wipe around your nails.

6. Repeat with all of your nails.

7. Once you’ve completed the design and it has dried, cover with a layer of top coat. If there isn’t top coat, the ink will rub off quickly.

published July 30, 2013