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Exclusive! Sneak peek of Cindy Callaghan's Lost in London

Jordan is B-O-R-E-D, bored. So when the opportunity arises to hop a jet to London, why on earth would she say no? Cindy Callaghan's latest book, Lost in London, follows Jordan and her posh new friends as they bum around London town in search of adventure and major de-bored-ification. Getting locked in a swanky hotel, being blackmailed, joining a scavenger hunt--all in a week's work for Jordan and this crazy cast of characters.


This fast-paced, LOL-worthy read is packed with Cindy's trademark quirkiness (and, um, dessert. Yum.). Love! Take an exclusive sneak peek at the trailer for the book below and be sure to grab it when it hits shelves Oct. 15...



WIN BIG! Wanna score your own copy of Lost in London? Click here to enter to win! Contest ends Oct. 15.
published October 07, 2013
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