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This awesome Moleskin pencil

I decided it was time to head to the check-out line in Barnes & Noble when my arms were piled high with hardbacks. And I was determined not to look at anything else…’til I saw the Moleskin notebook display as I waited for a free register. Now, I’m a sucker for fresh notebooks, but this time, it wasn’t the rainbow of classic scribblers that caught my eye. Nope, it was a really funky looking pencil.


The Moleskin Click Pencil is available in mechanical and, uh, normal, but I’m a mechanical lover. This one clips to your notebook of choice, and the design does, in fact, echo the look of the notebook with its rectangular shape. The shape is also really comfy to hold, which is really all that matters.


Grab the pencil here for $15 apiece.

published December 19, 2013
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