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Finally! The Ministry of Magic flies into the 21st century and launches a website

In case you haven’t noticed, we heart Harry Potter spoofs, and we’re big on the latest one: A website for the Ministry of Magic, created by Andy Brown, self-appointed head of the Department of the Use of Muggle Technologies.


The web site is made to mirror the government sites for United Kingdom, down to phrasing and the overall look. But this look-a-like is packed with fun wizarding tidbits, like blog posts that announce run-of-the-mill public transport news (floo closures on Christmas) and various news stories (“The Misuse of Muggle Artefacts office launches a hunt for wizards bewitching Christmas trees to immediately drop their needles once lights and baubles are installed”).


The MoM site is a mock-up, though, so a lot of the content links take you to error—sorry, “confundus” pages. Still, we can’t help but applaud the tech guru who decided to put our favorite bumbling bureaucracy on the World Wide Web.


Take a peek right here.

published December 25, 2013
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