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Celebrate Teen Lit Day by rockin' the drop!

Happy Teen Literature Day, #inklings! To join the party, grab a book you’re dying to share with the world and get ready to Rock the Drop. What’s the drop? We’re so glad you asked!


Rock the Drop is an initiative that shares books with strangers across the globe. All you have to do is grab a book—anything you like, fiction, nonfiction, manga, whatever floats your boat. Then click here to print a special Rock the Drop bookplate. Put the bookplate in your book then take it on a journey. Drop it on a park bench, in your school cafeteria, at a Starbucks—it doesn’t matter where you leave it. Later that day, maybe over the weekend, someone will pick up your old book, see the bookplate and have a brand new book to read. If you find with a note on it or a bookplate inside, feel free to pick it up—that’s what Rock the Drop is all about! Snap a picture of your drop, then share it with Have fun!


Will you Rock the Drop? Tell us in the comments—and share your drop snaps!

published April 17, 2014
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