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10 thrill-a-minute mysteries to add to your must-reads

Amazon recently released their top-100 list of mysteries and thrillers to reader in a lifetime. It’s an awesome list, packed with everything from a John le Carre classic to The da Vinci Code to Ian Fleming’s From Russia With Love. And even better, it’s loaded with a few of our favorite childhood classics: Encyclopedia Brown, Boy Detective by Donald J. Sobol, The Secret of the Old Clock by Caroline Keene, The Tower Treasure by Franklin W. Dixon and The Westing Game by Ellen Raskin. Here are 10 more young adult mysteries we’re digging right now.


Wrapped by Jennifer Bradbury

Agnes Wilkins would give anything not to come out this season. But for a 17-year-old deb in 1815 London, she doesn’t have a choice…until a mysterious mummy unwrapping party turns the season into a spiraling mystery.


Hex Hall by Rachel Hawkins

Sophie thought the worst news was that she was a freak—a witch on her way to exile along with a host of other witches, faeries and shapeshifters at Hex Hall. But she’s wrong there—things get much, much worse when a predator starts attacking students…and her only friend at school is the number-one suspect.


Dear Girls Don’t Lie by Jennifer Shaw Wolf

When Jaycee’s ex-BFF Rachel texts her one night, she ignores it. But then Rachel turns up dead…and no one else has any idea about what happened that night at the old house. Jaycee ditches the adults’ explanation for the crime and hunts for the real truth.


The Mysterious Benedict Society by Trenton Lee Stewart

At the Learning Institute for the Very Enlightened, the only rule is there are no rules. Four special children team up on a mission packed with puzzles adults are too “evil” to solve. Will the tots be able to solve the mystery and save the world? Hm…


A Spy in the House by Y.S. Lee

Orphan girl Mary Quinn is taken off the streets and thrown into training at Miss Scrimshaw’s Academy for Girls. But it’s no ordinary finishing school. Nope, it’s a cover for The Agency, and 17-year-old Mary is their newest recruit. She enters a rich merchant’s house undercover as a lady’s companion for his daughter, but what will she find when she’s off duty?


The Sweetness at the Bottom of the Pie by Alan Bradley

Precocious Flavia de Luce is an aspiring chemist and would-be detective. She’s brainy and sassy. And, oh yeah, she’s 11. In a quiet house with her sad father and silly superficial sister for company. It’s 1950s England, on the eve of a murder. A dead bird, a postage stamp and a cucumber patch are her first clues.


Paper Towns by John Green

Quentin Jacobson thought he knew Margo Roth Spiegelman. Sure, he’s admired her from afar, but when a midnight revenge scheme brings them together, he’s certain it’s the start of something big. Somehow, the closer he gets, the farther Q is from the truth.


Wish You Were Dead by Todd Strasser

When an anonymous blogger wishes a popular girl at Soundview High would die, she vanishes. Two more follow, sending the community into a panic. But the one most desperate to solve the mystery is Madison, the last person to see the first victim before she vanished. Will she be next?


Deadly by Julie Chibbaro

Prudence Galewski isn’t like other girls. It’s the early 20th century in New York City, and as typhoid sweeps the streets, Prudence lands a job in a laboratory. She’s quickly swept into the investigation of the deadly disease.


Revolution by Jennifer Donnelly

When Brooklyn baby Andi Alpers finds the diary of Alexandrine Paradis from revolutionary France, she’s obsessed with the far-off teen’s life. A winter break trip to Paris finds Andi exploring the catacombs of Paris at midnight…and climbing out into 19th century civil unrest.


What’s your favorite mystery novel? Share ‘em in the comments!

published April 27, 2014
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