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10 Diary of a Wimpy Kid quotes that are pretty much right on

Jeff Kinney’s Diary of a Wimpy Kid series is so epic, it’s getting its own month. No joke—publisher Abrams/Amulet has declared April to be Diary of...

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10 silly ways to talk up that thing you just wrote

Chick lit phenom Jennifer Weiner tossed this RT out to her bajillion Twitter followers, and we are so on board. Instead of modestly (and weirdly) announcing “that...

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10 love stories that make us cry (you know, in a good way)

There are all kinds of varieties of love. From friends to boyfriends to family and beyond, we’re not about to limit the love stories we adore...

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10 books from last year to read right now

When we scrolled through the list of releases from 2013, we were amazed by how many amazing books we’ve read. Narrowing our five-star picks down to...

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10 series we fell in love with all over again this year

The last 12 months comprised the year of the series. We’re not exactly sure how many new series were launched and how many oldies-but-goodies got updates, but...

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10 characters who would make awesome Secret Santas

We’ve pulled our Secret Santa names. We’ve worried about what to get that person. We’ve elfed. We’ve wrapped. We’ve sweated through the big real. And then we...

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