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Copycat eats! 10 book bites to savor this Halloween

Throwing a Halloween party (or just looking for some tasty eats to munch on while ya plow through your favorite book for the fiftieth time)? Try these...

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10 right-now characters to dress up as this Halloween

2013 is a huge year for young adult fiction—why not show off your favorite releases with your Halloween costume? Here are 10 bookish babes (and a few...

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Can't wait for the Catching Fire soundtrack? Here are 10 picks to listen to in the meantime

There are 15 amazing reasons to be excited for the release of The Hunger Games: Catching Fire soundtrack—16 if you count that it means the movie premiere...

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Go read these 10 books some adults don't want you to know about

We like to think we're living in a pretty free, fairly open-minded world, but according to the American Library Association, more YA books than ever...

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10 characters whose sidekicks we'd sign up to be

Being the hero isn’t all fun and games. Actually, it’s more often about surviving crazy situations than living the enviable life. So ya know what? Let’s hear...

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10 Twilight read-alikes we can't put down

You love Twilight. We get it; we love it, too. But here’s a list of some other titles you might’ve overlooked. All similar to Twilight...

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