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All the news on your favorite authors, book series and--squee!--movies based on faves.

Latest pic from Universal Studios' Harry Potter expansion world is kinda creepy--but still awesome

If you have been living in the same cave outside of Hogsmeade popular with outlaws, perhaps you haven’t heard that Universal Studios is expanding their...

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Harry Potter takes the stage?

Word on the street—OK, Facebook—is J.K. Rowling is co-producing an adaptation of Harry Potter for the British stage. The play will focus on Harry’s life before the...

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Get ready to LOL! Josh Hutcherson spoofs Catching Fire in SNL promos

We love us some Josh, and his promos for this weekend’s hosting gig on Saturday Night Live are no different. Take a peek and get ready to...

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The research is in: Reading for fun gives your grades a boost

A study from the University of London has proved that reading for pleasure can be a huge factor in kids’ grades when they’re between the ages of...

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Cassandra Clare is killing off how many characters in CoHF?

Cassandra Clare is one of Ink's favorite authors. Well, until today. Today, she announced on Twitter that she is killing off six named characters from...

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Exclusive! Sneak peek of Cindy Callaghan's Lost in London

Jordan is B-O-R-E-D, bored. So when the opportunity arises to hop a jet to London, why on earth would she say no? Cindy Callaghan's latest...

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