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All the news on your favorite authors, book series and--squee!--movies based on faves.

Love this: Boy raises $400k to help his sick writing a book

When Dylan Siegel found out his buddy Jonah was sick with a very rare liver disease, he wanted to help right away. But helping didn't...

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Goodbye, Wicked Witch. Hello, demon Dorothy. New series alert!

Word on the street today is that HarperCollins has added a new series by Danielle Paige to its spring 2014 lineup, which will start with a...

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First Look: Take a peek at the Great Expectations trailer and tell us what ya think

To the delight of kids who don't want to read Dickens in class, there are already a bunch of Great Expectations movies and TV movies...

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J.K. Rowling conjures more Harry Potter movie magic!

That’s right—there is going to be another movie set in the world of Harry Potter. While we’re guessing the Golden Trio will not be making an appearance...

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Love it! Library launches best kids reading program ever

The Arlington County Public Library System is officially our second-favorite ever—after our own, of course, because, you know, loyalty and all that. Why, you ask? Because they...

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Squee! Beautiful Creatures scores a spinoff series

Say what you will about the movie, but you'll be stokin' the fire if ya tell us you're not just a little bit in love...

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