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book reviews

Don't Call Me Baby by Gwendolyn Heasley

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We live in a time where social media and the Internet consume us. From Facebook statuses to Tweeting from your phone, there is always something new to update your followers on. Social media has gotten so popular that even parents are joining in on the craze. After reading Don’t Call Me Baby by Gwendolyn Heasley, we are super thankful that our parents haven’t decided to write a blog solely based on us growing up.


Follow as Imogene must live in the shadow of her mother’s blog, Mommylicious, which is devoted to all things Imogene. From the moment she found out she was pregnant, Imogene’s mom has documented her life and, in the process, gained over 20 thousand viewers. Now that she is 15, Imogene is getting tired of having random people come up to her at the mall telling her how cute she was at last week’s dinner or that they are excited to hear about her recent school happenings.


From her first period (yikes!) to her first bra, the readers of Mommylicious, including her schoolmates, know everything there is to know about Imogene. But her virtual life is disrupting her real one and Imogene needs to find a way to tell everyone who she really is—not the girl readers think.

When an English assignment calls for her to create a blog of her own, Imogene first dreads the thought of having another blog in her life, but soon sees it as a window of opportunity. She takes her own readers through her real-life, without input from Mommylicious. Will Imogene be able to run away from the title of Babylicious while trying to figure out ninth grade? Let’s hope so!


Gwendolyn Heasley does an amazing job at incorporating relatable situations with humor and love that will leave you wanting more. We love this storyline and the concept of mother/daughter relationships and becoming your own person.


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published April 25, 2014