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Not sure where to begin with your writing? Start here!

Beyond beginning, middle and end: Developing a strong plot for your story

Every story has a beginning, middle, and end. Each part of the story needs to be equally as interesting as the others in order to keep...

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5 ways to start your first page

You’re sitting in front of the computer screen with millions of ideas. You know exactly how your story will end, who is in it, and where...

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Is your idea original (and does it really matter)?

What’s the most important part of writing an awesome book? Thinking of an original idea. No one wants to read the same book over and...

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Get inspired! 4 story sources you haven't tapped yet

Inspiration…hm. It seems simple enough—take a walk through the neighborhood, watch your favorite actor on screen, listen to a few verses of an amazing song...

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