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Polish your masterpiece before you hit publish. Our top tips for finishing touches are here.

7 common grammar mix-ups you're probably making

When you’re writing anything, it’s super easy to make grammar mistakes. But when you’re writing a book, it’s important to try to avoid them. Here are some...

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Fresh eyes FTW! Why you might need a beta reader

Picture this situation: You’ve been laboring over your story for weeks, months, maybe even years. So when you write the very last sentence in the...

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So you wrote a what? 7 ways to get it out there

Hooray! The last page is complete, so it’s time to sit back and relax, right? Wrong! The hardest part is over, but you still have the important...

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It's all in the title: How to come up with an awesome one

So you’ve written your book and it’s perfect. But what’s missing? An awesome title. You can’t have just any name, you need one that’s gonna complete your...

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Knock it outta the park! 5 tips for becoming a better writer

Sometimes the best feeling in the entire world is just putting your pen to paper—just that simple gesture can create an entirely new world, but what are...

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