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It's all in the title: How to come up with an awesome one

So you’ve written your book and it’s perfect. But what’s missing? An awesome title. You can’t have just any name, you need one that’s gonna complete your book and capture readers’ attention. Here are some things to think about when you’re brainstorming titles.


What’s your story about?

If you were gonna describe your story to someone, what would you say? What’s the main idea? The title should have some indication of what the story is gonna be about.


What’s the most exciting thing that happens?

Go through and list all of the events that occurred throughout the stories. Any titles that have to do with any of these pop into your head?


Has this title been used before?

Make sure your title is original, and hasn’t been used. You don’t wanna look like a copycat!


Are you using boring words?

When you’re thinking of a title, it’s a great time to use a thesaurus. You might think you have the perfect title, but maybe using a synonym of the word could make it even cooler and more original.


Is this title gonna attract attention?

If you saw the book on a shelf, would you think, “Wow, I have to read that”? If not even you are excited by your title, it’s doubtful that anyone else will be either.


Have you asked family and friends about your title?

Listen to what other people have to say. Ask people you know will be honest with you, and not just tell you they like the title. Ask if they think it’s interesting, or if they have any ideas of their own. Sometimes a friend’s opinion is the best help you can get.


Don’t be shy

You might think your title is silly, but sometimes that’s just what you need. If you’re writing a funny book, a silly title is the best indication of what the book is gonna be about. If you like it, chances are, someone else will too.


Which book do you think has an awesome title? Tell us your favorites in the comments!

published October 24, 2013
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