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Beyond beginning, middle and end: Developing a strong plot for your story

Every story has a beginning, middle, and end. Each part of the story needs to be equally as interesting as the others in order to keep the readers attention. Once you’ve chosen your idea for the story, here’s what you have to do in order to create a strong plot.


Who’s the bad guy?

Or, if there’s not necessarily a villain, you should think about what’s going wrong. You need to decide what the problem within the story is.



Why is this person doing what they’re doing? Or why did this problem occur in the first place?


Create your introduction

Once you know what the problem within the story is, you need to make a strong introduction leading up to it. Introduce all of the characters; give the readers an insight into their lives. Make readers feel as if they are in the story.


What are the goals of the main character?

What is the main character trying to do? Why does he or she want to do this? Make sure this is clear to the reader.


How is the villain (or the problem) going to stop this from happening?

Figure out what is going to stop the main character from achieving what they want. This would be the major conflict within the story.


How is the main character going to overcome to villain?

Or, are they even going to? Figure out exactly if and how the main character is going to succeed.


Create a strong conclusion

Make sure you answer all of the readers’ questions (unless you plan on writing a sequel). Be sure that the reader knows what will happen to the main character. Most importantly, make sure the conclusion is exciting!

published October 29, 2013
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