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So you wrote a what? 7 ways to get it out there

Hooray! The last page is complete, so it’s time to sit back and relax, right? Wrong! The hardest part is over, but you still have the important, tricky task of turning your book into a worldwide craze. Here are seven ways to boost the buzz.


Post it

Whether you’re dishing the latest gossip or muploading your latest meal, petty posts are always fun. But when you’re trying to spread the word about your soon-to-be sensation of a book, it’s time to put that news feed to better use. Make your status, or Tweet out, “Hey, guys! For all you book worms out there, I’ll be releasing my first novel very soon! Message me for more info”. Don’t forget to include a little hint of your story’s plot to grab your friends’ attention and have them wanting more.


Work the web

The best way to take advantage of all that tech is to make your very own, personal website. Make sure you ask a parent to help ya out with this one, so they can make sure you’re posting a safe amount of info. Use a free DIY website program, like Google Sites, to create, edit, and control your own page. Be sure to include sections about the author, the novel, and how to grab a copy.


Get some convo going

As we’re sure you know, gossip spreads- fast. Take advantage of it by bringing up your new project next time you’re texting or having a casual convo with the girls. You can even ask mom and dad to drop a few hints to their pals. Before ya know it, your new read will be the talk of the town.


Hallway hype

Feeling creative? Snag some Sharpies and posterboard and instantly become your personal advertiser! Come up with a super cute slogan for your book--just a short sentence that hints to its themes. Say something mysterious like, “She had everything she wanted...but could she lose it all?” Use neon colors, bold pics, and tons of glitter to grab the attention of every passer-by.


The old fashioned way

Hit up your local radio station and see what they can do. A little air-time can go a long way, and any type of media broadcast can really pump up the public. Hmm... sounding familiar? That’s ‘cause it’s the very same way the Biebs made it to the top. Justin went from station to station plugging his project until...well, we all know how that story ended!


Freebies and sneak-peaks

Who doesn’t love a good giveaway? Print out some copies of your first few chapters and hand ‘em out to pals. You’ll get a jump-start on gathering fans and build the excitement for the final release.


Put up a party

Once your novel is finished, printed, and ready to go, ask your rents if you can host a book bash. Use the get-together to discuss your book, pass out those freebies and (if your guests are lucky) even autograph a few copies! It’s an instant way to form a fan base. When you watch your talent make others happy, all those tears, sweat, and sparkles will be worth it.

published October 31, 2013
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