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7 themes to jumpstart your story

Starting off your story can be a little tricky. There are so many different ways to do it, but sometimes you’re just so excited to start writing that you get a little bit of writer’s block. That’s okay! Here are some great ways to begin your book that will have your readers tuned in ‘til the last page.



Want to grab your reader’s attention from the start? Try starting off with a super brief flashback to make them want to keep reading to find out what happened. If you give them a taste of what’s coming, they’ll be interested right away and not want to put the book down ‘til it all makes sense.



In almost every good book there is some sort of love story, so try starting your book off this way. Describe how the character feels as soon as he lays eyes on his new crush. Tell the reader about the butterflies in his stomach and how determined he now is to win her over. That will def catch any girly’s attention!


Rags to riches

Sob stories are another great way to start off your book - the reader will immediately take pity on her and want to know what happens next. Make your book about this sad girl’s life and how she totally turns it around to keep your reader’s attention ‘til the last page.



The nerdy girl, the ugly guy, or that team that just never seems to win -- what do they have in common? They all make the perfect underdogs. The struggle to make it to the top is always an interesting story, and very relatable. It gives off a great message too!


Mythical creatures posing as people

To spruce up your story, try throwing in a vampire or werewolf living a normal human life. As these scary creatures try hard to keep their identities a secret, your reader will keep on turning the pages to see if hiding who they really are will actually work out. This fantasy is sure to make for a fun, must-read story!


Good vs evil

Whether it’s the evil villain and the super hero or the too-cool jocks and the super sweet nerds, a classic good vs evil tale is a great way to start off your story. It could be anything from two cuties fighting over a lucky gal or a superhero trying to save the city from destruction. Whatever you chose, you can’t go wrong with a plot like this one.


Trying to solve a mystery

Everyone loves a good mystery - you know, the ones that aren’t solved until the very last page! Keep the reader flipping the pages with a mystery book full of surprises and twists. You don’t have to go overboard - try thinking of a mystery that any teen could face -- not necessarily a murder mystery!

published March 25, 2014
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