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To be RuledBY Emilicious | PUBLISHED 10/7/2013 | UPDATED 10/7/2013 | IT'S A WORK IN PROGRESS

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This sci fi & fantasy story is kinda like... Divergent/Hunger Games

It's 2356. Avalon Malone is a rebellious girl who hates the way her dystopian society lives. Everything is high-tech, and no one has any freedoms anymore. As a leader of the underground resistant movement started by the generation's youths who want to take down the government, she has led many protests against the government. But not once has she been arrested, until now. As she faces her demise, she is unexpectedly saved by none other than the governor's son, Tristan. Avalon feels puzzled by Tristan's kindness and overeagerness to get to know her. But as they start to get to know each other, Avalon faces a conflict between everything that she stands for and the boy who she shouldn't like.

14699 words8 chapters

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