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chapter 1

Hired For One Direction BY OneDirectionQueen | PUBLISHED 11/30/2013 | UPDATED 11/30/2013 | IT'S A WORK IN PROGRESS

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*Alayna P.O.V.*

    "Favorite color?" Leah asked. Leah, my best friend in the whole world, was staying at my house. We were testing each others friendship.

  "Duh. Gold."  

  "Correct!" She yelled. She was what you'd call, bubbly. "Your turn."

  "Favorite member of One Direction?" I asked.

  "Easy. Liam!"

  "Wrong! He's my second. It's Louis, duh!" She jumped on the bed.

  "Wanna do something else?" She asked.

   "What else is there to do?"  I asked.

  "Wanna do facials?"

     "I don't have anything for those." I said.

  "I'll make 'em, silly." She jumped up, and ran out the door.

  "Hey, wait up!" I called. I jumped up, and ran down the steps.

  "What on Earth is going on?" My mom asked. She had her light brown hair in curlers, and her face was green. She was wearing a light blue robe. 

  "We're making facials, Ms. Alson." She smiled.

  "Oh, well, go on ahead. Do you need anything?" As you can see, my mom LOVES Leah.

  "No. But thank you." She nodded.

  "Have fun! Alayna, I have a date tonight."

  "Who is it this time?" I asked, annoyed.

  "Fred Dubsy." I bit my lip, trying not to laugh. He is the WORST person to go on a date with. I guess he's attractive, but he wastes it on being weird. His son, well, he's a mirror image of Frank. But, totally opposite of him.

  "Have fun." I said, trying to sound happy. She smiled, and walked away.

  "Why is she going with HIM?" Leah asked.

  "I'm not sure. Desperate enough, I guess." Ever since my dad moved out, my moms been going on a lot of dates. New boyfriend every month, it seems. Sometimes, even days.  

  "Well, let's go make those facials!" Leah said. She grabbed my wrist, and dragged me into the kitchen. She mixed the ingredients together, and put the gunk on my face. Which, surprisingly, smelled good. I was ordered to keep it on for thirty minutes. Then she was gonna do my makeup.  

At the word makeup,  chills ran up my spine.

  "Makeup?" I asked.


  "Why?" She smiled.

  "So you can look good for tomorrow. I want to try it out tonight, so we know what to do in the morning." Oh, its Thursday. Her parents are never home. So, we take care of her. She's been here for about a week already. By Tuesday, I wanted to throw a pillow at her. But, decided against it.  But, now, I think I will.

  "What's so big about tomorrow?" She looked at me, shocked at my question.

  "Tomorrow is the big School Pageant that they hold every year. Don't you listen to the teachers?" Our school holds a big pageant every year. Its a a fundraiser. Students can participate, get voted on, and usually are hired by people. You help with housework, homework, and sometimes people get hired by modeling agencies and get to model for big-time magazines. As you can see, this is always a BIG event. 

  "No. Who does that anymore?"

   "Alayna, your wearing makeup. And I don't care what you say."


  "No ifs, and or, buts. Your doing it."

 "We already know whose gonna win. Miss Beauty Queen Ciara. Everyone loves her." She put her hands on her hips.

  "Not this year she won't. I mean, you are way prettier than her."

  "No. I'm not. I'm plain. Plain as a white piece of paper." 

  "But, you know what happens when people decorate it? It becomes a masterpiece." The timer went off, and I could finally take off the mask. She dragged me into the bathroom. My skin glowed. My golden curls fell down my back. She put me in a chair, facing away from the mirror. And she started experimenting with my face. Then, she messed with my hair.  Finally she stepped back. And smiled. "If you don't win, there's a major problem." I stood up, and turned around. My golden hair was put up in an elegant up do. My lips were a soft pink. My eyes had gold eyeshadow brushed across it.

  "Its...beautiful." I said, trying not to touch it.

  "Your beautiful. Makeup just makes your features pop out in just the right way.Makeup is the little details that no one pays attention to. People focus on the main star. Which, is you." I hugged her.

   "Your the best!" I said.

  "Don't smudge it! We need pictures for tomorrow!" I backed away.

  "That's why you wanted to do this tonight."

  "Yes. Now, let's go. You need a dress!" She grabbed my wrist. 

  "A what?"  

5 2
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