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chapter 1

On Top of the WorldBY Bess12 | PUBLISHED 4/16/2014 | UPDATED 4/16/2014 | IT'S A WORK IN PROGRESS

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  Hi, my name is Mia ( I don't know my last name) . I have golden brown hair and hazel eyes and a few freckles on my nose ( I'm pretty average). Last week was my 14th birthday and I'm totally pumped! . Know why? Because, today I decided to run away (exciting right!?). Anyway I have planned my escape: 1. pack bag 2. wait 'til it's dark 3. open door and run as fast as I can. Ok, there is only one problem about my totally great plan, I live in the middle of no where on the Big Island of Hawaii'i.  WAIT, I feel so dumb, I didn't even tell you why I'm running away (but it's a pretty awesome plan right?) ok so let me explain. I have been an orphan since I was three. My parents dumped me on the front steps in some orphanage and I've been in foster homes ever since. This one happens to be the worst. LUCKY ME!

Ok, I have already completed step 1 and 2 now here comes the hard part. Ok, I'm opening the door. Now I'm taking my first step out. Now I'm running. I'm free. 

 I have decided I would hitch-hike to Hilo (a town about 45 minutes drive from "my" place). Hopefully, my foster parents won't file a report to the police (It's not like they would miss me anyway). If they do I'll just have to live my life in hiding or sneak on a plane to the main land. Ok, might as well start trying to get a ride. 

After about 10 minutes of walking and holding my thumb out some guy pulls to the side of the road and opens the passenger door. He's half bald and is wearing no shirt and some black swim trunks. He looks about 45-50. 

"Where you going to?" he asks.


"Ok I'll take you half way, get in," I get in it smells like old feet. 

"So, you old enough to be going on your own?"

" Um, no comment."

" Run away huh?" he says in his scruffy voice.

" Promise you won't tell anyone you saw me?" I say hoping for the best. 

" You got my word."

 I sigh in relief. Suddenly we pull up into a drive way that I've noticed but never gone up before. I feel a dirty rag go over my eyes and and tape over my mouth. 

" Should have thought more when you decided to run". I struggle to get out but we have stopped and rope is now going around my wrists. Crap! 

  At the moment, I think I'm in a closet. I can hear people outside talking. 

" I can't believe you actually did this!".

" We needed a maid now we got one",

" Dad! No! That's not my point! I know things have gotten bad since my mom died, but really you just kidnapped."

" Bah!." Footsteps.

" UGH! What ever."

 Well..... I just guess I'll have to plan my escape.

 Wait, Darn someone just came back. The closet door opens and the make-shift blindfold comes off. In front of me is a boy he looks around my age. The first thing I notice is that he's down right cute with brown curly hair and a few freckles on his nose. The second thing I notice is that he looks highly embarrassed and worried. And third he has one sky blue eye and a hazel green one. Then, I see the necklace he has around his neck. It's a this piece of rope with a small metal star as a pendant. The only thing is the star is cut in half. It's a messy cut. The only reason I mention this is because I  have a necklace the one I always wear looks exactly the same... Same jagged cut.

 He just stares at me. I start to make noises trying to give him the hint to take the stinkn' tape off. Finally, he's out of his daze and takes off the tape and loosens the rope. I quickly smack him across the face and run over to the door pushing him out of the way. I run to the door and surprise surprise it's locked. I  start to run back over to him. Then, I take in where the hell I am. It looks like a basement with a small window near the ceiling letting in some light. He finally gains conscious and stands up. 

" Wait! Don't go!"

" Don't go? I ain't going anywhere if I can't unlock the dang door."

" Wait ok just wait. I'm really really sorry my dad is really crazy sometimes."

" You think?! He kidnapped me and threw me in the closet!"

" I know! Just promise you won't call the cops. I'm letting you go. A favor for a favor."

" I wouldn't think of it all I need is to draw attention to myself. If you must know I'm running away if I tell the cops they might recognize me if my foster parents filed a "missing child" report."


 I open my hand so he can give me the key to the door. He goes around me and opens the door.  I could have done that! I run out the door then stop. 

" Hey, where's my backpack?"

" Oh I forgot," He  goes over to a coat hook and gets my backpack. 

" Ok, thanks for having me but I really must be going," I grumble.

" Ok ok," he says with his hands up. 

" Not that it matters but my name is Will."

" No, your right it doesn't matter" I snap back. He leads me to the door.

" Good bye good luck with your running away" ,

" Gee, thanks," I start down the drive way.  Then I start running hopefully the rest of my journey will go smoother. 

6 3
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