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chapter 1

Luck of the Irish BeautyBY blue_rose88 | PUBLISHED 1/8/2014 | UPDATED 1/8/2014 | IT'S A WORK IN PROGRESS

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*Irish phrase. See for more


"Hey, Kyle, are you coming with us later? We're going skating and we need a headcount."

I look up. "Nah. My girlfriend is coming back from Ireland and I'm hanging out with her later."

I didn't expect a reaction, but for some reason everyone in the room turned to look at me.  "Hahh??"

My friend Garett walks over. "Since when do you have a girlfriend?"

"I've been dating her since last spring," I say. I scratch the back of my neck. Her name is Álainn Hughes. She's Irish-American. We've been friends since we were in kindergarten, but she moved to Ireland with her mom and step dad in seventh grade. Now, in our junior year, her mother said that she could stay here in the U.S. until graduation. If she decides to stay here for college, her mom said she could do that too. We've had a long distance relationship so far, so I promised her that we could hang out all week to make up for lost time.


I finished tying the front of my lace-up corset mini dress then slipped on my trench coat. Matched up with lace tights, knee-high lace-up black boots, and steam punk goggles, my ensemble displayed my steam punk style.

Where is he? I thought. He said to get here at 3 bells*, but now it's 3:07. I stepped out of my red Lexus LFA. My hair swishes behind me as I walked to the front of the school building before me. Placing a hand on my hip, I scanned the crowd of students streaming out of the school.

"Hey, gorgeous," says a voice beside me. I turn to see a completely random guy approaching. His cacks* are hanging off his hips. "Lookin' for someone?"

"Yes, but I can't find him in this black* crowd." At his quizzical expression, I translate, "It's to crowded to see 'im."

"Well, he should be out soon."

"Go 'way*," I say sarcastically. He has such an arrogant head on him* I felt that I must ignore him. "Mind yourself*." With that, I walk back to my car to grab my cell. I dial Kyle's number and wait for him to pick up.

He picks up. "Álainn! I'm so sorry! The guys are trying to rope me into going skating with 'em and won't let me go. Where are you?"

"I'm outside yer school. I been out here on me tot* for the past 15 minutes, you git*." I'm raging at him now. "Some Yank* just tried to hit on me, too"

"Say what??"

"Get your backside out here this instant or I'm leaving. Mam said that if yer busy, I should come home. Either come down 'ere now or I'll just shut me gob up!" I press the end call button and lean against my car to wait. 

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