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chapter 1

Different DreamsBY 6684201 | PUBLISHED 2/18/2014 | UPDATED 2/11/2014 | IT'S A WORK IN PROGRESS

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This story is going to be about my wierd dreams.


me and my friend hadley were doing a proformance you now dancing on a log and her little sis emma that is 6 btw is in a hot air balloon watching us then a giant robot comes out of no where and starts stomping on everyone but luckaly me and hadley get into emmas hot air balloon. when we r in it we float down to this wierd land that looks like a video game but the monster is right behind us so we start to run, and we see this boy that tells us to climb the wall but he says that it grows when someone is on it so we start to climb and it keeps growing and growing. We find a hole big enough to fit through so i throw emma and i out it but the hole kept getting smaller and smaller so Hadley puts her finger in it to make it stop geting smaller but her finger while it was in the hole fell off so she put her head through it but she couldnt get out so she takes out her pocket knife and cuts a bigger hole around the other one to get out she falls and tumbles down the hill and the bricks come off around her neck. The good thing is she found her finger and just put it back on.we had to get out of this land so we get on the bus but the bus driver said it cost 50 cents a person so we couldnt get on, so me and hadley do our performance (dancing on a log) to earn enough money. we earn 50 cents before the bus leaves. Only one of us could go on so we put emma on the bus. yes we put the 6 year old on the bus. ALONE! On the bus emma karate chops the bus drivers head off and comes back to get us. we get on the bus and emma says "$1 each" so i throw emma to the back of the bus and got us home.
the next morning Hadley gives emma her $1 for the bus ride
The End

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