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chapter 1

Killing the KingBY fairykyta | PUBLISHED 5/1/2014 | UPDATED 5/1/2014 | ALL DONE!

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Killing the King             

                    The Trumpets blow a fanfare as i walk into the grand ballroom.  The walls are covered in gold leaf, money that could be used to hel farmers whose crops have died.  There are exotic flowers from the coasts, and long tapestries cover the walls, showing a benevolent king and his loving subjects.  It's Ironic, really, as the land hates our "fair" king.

                  "Lady Serifina of the Western Seas."  The announcer glaces at me than turns away.  I get a few shocked stairs, I can't stand these events.  I walk foward, my skirts swishing as I cross the room.   I try to stand up straight, but this corset is cutting off the circulation in my left arm, and it is impossible to breath.  Sinking into a deep curtsy, I greet the king and queen, the tyrants who rule the lands from the tall mountains to the sea of ancients in the west.  He has caused the deaths of many a man and woman, and doesn't even blink.  I walk backwards, never dropping his gaze, and fall into line with the rest of the women.  A girl of possibly 14 or 15 stands next to me, her yellow skirts brushing my red ones.  She tries to strike up a converstation, but I don't listen.   My thoughts are on my father, waiting for me at home.  He despieses these events more than I do.  I'm drawn back to reality when the king stands, our queue to begin the feast.  His people starve while he has more food than I could have eaten in a decade.  

                 "Lady Serifina, how are the people of the western lands?  You rarley come to these events, it is so nice to see you in our company.   How is your father, dear?"

"He is fine, my lady.  He simply is feeling a bit under the weather, so I am attending in his place."  The joyful conversation continues, and I am only forced to join it once or twice.  The feast ends, and the music begins.  A soft ballad flows from the strings, and each lady turns to her partner.  I find myself swirling around the room, transfering partners at least three times before I see the hand holding mine has a rather famous blue diamond.  My mark. I have finally ended with the king.  It's the final dance, and i retract my hand from his sholder, slipping it behind my back as do all the other women.  I slide the dagger out from between my corset laces, placed there on my father's orders, with one goal in mind.  To Kill the King.  My hand returns, and as i customary in this dance, I place it on his waist, as he rests his hand on my sholder.  

"Your Highness?"

"Yes, Lady Serifina."  

"I'm here to kill you.  While you die, you can think of all the people you've killed as you go straight to hell." I see the fear in his eyes.  The music ends and he is about to scream when i slide the knife through his rivs into his heart. I remove his blue ring and watch him crumple to the ground, leaving a stain along my skirts.  I hear gasps around the room as the group gathers around their fallen leader.  I slip backwards, allowing concerned citizens to fill the space as i gather my cloak and slip from the room into the shadows of the night.

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