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OopsBY hockeygirl15 | PUBLISHED 2/24/2014 | UPDATED 2/24/2014 | IT'S A WORK IN PROGRESS

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This love story is kinda like...

Told through the eyes of Alyssa's best friend, we slowly start to see the influences of what peer pressure can do to you. Alyssa who is a gorgeous Cali girl gets ruined by her own "friends". She slowly starts to drift apart from her friend Heather. Heather sees what is happening to Alyssa and tries to help but worried she is to late. As Alyssa finds herself in a deadly love triangle, she starts to realize her mistakes and finds the true meaning of life and shocks everybody by her change of heart.

224 words1 chapters

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@KallieAndrews16 hearted Oops on 2/24/2014
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