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chapter 1

NoblesBY prettygirllulu | PUBLISHED 4/12/2014 | UPDATED 4/12/2014 | IT'S A WORK IN PROGRESS

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      I'm Jil. I'm 15.I'm not neccicarily normal, though.You see, there's this world, co-existing with your own, where gigantic animals dwell.This world is my life. I, myself, are not yet a rider. My older sister, Ev (we all have shorter nicknames that we go by. I'm Jillian. Ev is Evylin.), is a rider. Riders are the people who ride the animals and fight the enemy clans. My mother has been 16 her whole life. Once you become a rider, at 16, you stop aging. You don't die, unless you get killed in battle. My family has kept me away from the world (I've been training to be a rider.) I enjoy my training, but I have to stay at camp whn they go into a battle. Today is my 16th birrthday. I get my Rider name today. Ev's Rider name is SilverStripe. That's what we call her.

      "Jil, it's almost moonhigh, get ready for your ceremony!"

      Here I go. 

3 1
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