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chapter 1

Long Lives Jennie WadeBY destiny30460 | PUBLISHED 4/22/2014 | UPDATED 4/22/2014 | ALL DONE!

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It wasn’t supposed to get so serious. No one thought much of the Civil War. I was even one of the people even sat on hillsides and watched early battles. Anyways your probably wondering who I am. To start off, people say that during the bloody battle of Gettysburg that only one civilian died, Jennie Wade, but sadly this isn’t completely true. I was the one who died that sad day; this is the story of how this tragically came to be.

“I’m sorry I just can’t marry you.” My sister, Jennie, tried to let him down in the easiest way.

“Why, we’d be the perfect couple. I can see the headlines now; Union babe falls in love with handsome, brave, dashing Confederate soldier! “Exclaimed the slightly egotistical Southern soldier, General Willson.

“We’re just not right for each other. Goodbye, Will.”

I personally think he should have seen it coming considering killed our two favorite uncles after one of the first battles. He left in a monstrous fashion. He had liked Jennie since before the war; it was now June 29, 1863. Although, when he left he said something quite odd. He said that he was sick of her doing this (he’d always thought she liked him), and that he would make her vulnerable, he would make her need him, make her want him, if he had to. You could tell by the dark, twisted look in his eye he was serious, enough to kill.

You see, I have (well had) a dangerous job. I was a spy, which is part of the reason I’m little known about. Furthermore I was a spy for the Union army. As you probably know the Confederate army was marching and planning a sneak attack. The Union then found out which therefore ruined their plan. I was the much unknown, hero who saw them and reported back. If it weren’t for me who knows what would have happened. Since I was brave enough to do such a risky task (and I was a kid so I wouldn’t be suspected), I was unexpectedly promoted to being in charge of short term spying in that area.

As I stated earlier, I was the one who spotted the enemy and reported back. While I was there I heard something utterly horrifying while listening to the soldiers from under a bridge, General Willson was planning to shoot through a window of our house and kill Georgia (A.K.A our sister!)! Even though if it didn’t work perfectly someone could get really hurt, I had a plan.

I ran back to the nearby wood, ducking behind boulders and bushes along the way. Once I got there I untied my horse, Snowflake, hopped on and raced home. I unsurprisingly got there first, they were slow because they were marching, staying together, and luckily didn’t have horses.

Now, back to my plan, this is how it happened. Once I got there I explained to Georgia and Jennie what I had heard then, I told them what to do.

“Georgia you have to stand in front of the window” I explained

“What, wouldn’t that make it easy for him?”
She was being stubborn, she knew why she was probably just in shock so I explained again.

“Right before he shoots you’ll move, and Jennie will stand in the way.”

The reasoning for this was so he would see Jennie and think he shot her. We did this many times but he never shot. We started to think he was over it. We were wrong.

One the third day of battle, Jennie was making bread and I was sitting by the window watching the battle when I could have sworn General Willson winked at me. He shot, from instinct I ducked. I popped up soon enough to see it heading towards the door, it went through. It was just about to hit Jennie when, I jumped in the way. I can still feel the cold feeling of the bullet piercing through me in the summer air.

Jennie asked why I did it, I told her after a brief hesitation.

“I’m a spy, I’ve done things people can’t even imagine, my life has been full of thrills. That doesn’t matter right now though.”

I then exclaimed to her that Will had purposely tried to shoot her. I also told her to disguise me as her and lay low until he is gone otherwise Will would tried to kill her again. Well that’s my story; I wonder what happened to Jennie?

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