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chapter 1

You Can't Stop LoveBY AprilLynn | PUBLISHED 3/21/2014 | UPDATED 3/21/2014 | IT'S A WORK IN PROGRESS

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Have you ever wondered what it would be like if a new guy showed up at your school and totally swept you off of your feet? What it would be like to date him and live happily ever after? Well, this ain't a fairy tale story. Maybe I should start off with the day he showed up.




"So this is very ironic, but Friar Laurence was carrying a shovel, a lantern and a pickaxe as he was walking away from the Capulet tomb. Sounds strange, and it's not like it's suspicious or anything," Mr. Matt stands in front of the class room explaining the very ending of Romeo and Juliet. The whole class laughs at him. A raised hand shoots up.

"It's not like there are two more dead people in the tomb or anything," Austin chuckles from besdie me.

"Mr. Matt, someone is at the door," Raelyn says from her seat. I glance up at the door. Sure enough, there is a guy standing outside. Mr. Matt walks over to the door.

"What's up dude?" he asks him. The guy hands him a slip, and shrugs the back pack up his shoulder.

"Okay," Mr. Matt reads the paper. "Just sit anywhere you want to, just as long as the desk is empty," Matt jokes. The new guy goes and sits up in the front, the third desk back from the front row. Mr. Matt goes on to talk about why Romeo and Juliet is a tragedy and not a love story, while I assess the new guy. He recently got a buzz cut; he probably came from boot camp. I wonder what for.

"Andi, it's your turn!" Austin shoves my arm gently. I look up. 

"Hmmm?" I ask.

"Your favorite line from the play, Andi?" Mr. Matt asks me. I groan and try to think of one that stood out to me. 

"Virtue itself turns vice, being misapplied and vice sometime by action dignified," I recite, hoping that I got most or all of the line correct.

"And what does that line mean to you?" Mr. Matt questions further.

"To me it means that although we sometimes do bad things, at least we might do them for a good reason," I interpret. I am only citing what I remember him telling us.

"Good, okay next," Mr. Matt calls and I lose myself listening to those girls asking him questions. Where did he come from? How old was he? Was he a freshman? What was his schedule? How long was he staying here? Who was he? I couldn't hear his answers, so I just decided I might as well pay attention to what Mr. Matt was telling us.




"Oh my goodness, will you guys please stop throwing paper? Mac is going to kill you guys if he finds out that you guys left paper in the gym," I warn Trevor and her. Gosh, I hate her.

"Ands, it's under that guy's butt," Trevor tells me, and I look over to see the new guy. Well isn't that just great?

"If you guys aren't going to go get it, I guess I will," I shrug and start to get up. I hear Trevor protest and her just sitting there as I walk over to him. "Excuse me, can I have that piece of paper?" I point to under his leg.

"Yeah, sure," he nods and hands me it. The girl next to him does not seem to happy that I just came over and asked for a piece of paper that was under him. I quickly thank him and grab the paper. My face is slightly flushed from embarrasment as I throw the paper away. I go back to sit down by Trevor and her.

"I can't believe you just did that," Trevor laughs and she tries to change the subject since it was focused on me.

Let me explain to you who she is. Her name is Christina and she is the most back stabbing person I have ever met in my entire life. We were best friends for eleven years, then this year she decided to change. I ended up liking one guy on the first day here, and I told her. What did she do? She became friends with him then dated him. I quickly forgave her on that one. A few months later, there was another guy. What did she do? She went to the fair with him and held his hand. I almost forgave her until she told me that she was trying to decide who she liked at the time. My best friend that I had known since August, or another guy. I was tired of her, so I left her. What did you expect me to do? Sit there and take the rejection of the guys while she got the spotlight? No, I was depressed because of her. She made me feel like no guy would ever like me, and I felt worthless until the guy she went to the fair with also got tired of her. He became my best friend, and now I have someone to talk to and tell me that I'm not as worthless as I think I am.

So that's who she is, and I really don't like her, in case you haven't been able to tell.

"Trevor," I interrupt Christina.

"Excuse me, I was talking to him," she says in a snotty attidtude and flips her Scene hair. She thinks she's better than everyone too, might I add.

"And I was too until you changed the subject earlier," I raise my eyebrows at her.

"Listen, he's my best friend, so yeah," she giggles and tries to talk to him again. I go to say something to her but Trevor warns me. I don't care at this point.

"Oh that's funny. Last time I checked, you liked him and you're using your boyfriend to make him jealous," I explain to her.

"You're crazy, I love my boyfriend," she scoffs.

"You've only been dating him for three months," I add.

"That doesn't mean I don't love him," she puts her hands on her hips.

"Sweetie, it actually does," I smile. "And just to let you know, at least I'm real. At least I knew what anime was and didn't change to get him to like me. At least I knew what Pokemon was and didn't change to get him to like me. Oh, that reminds me. There's 600 pokemon. Pikachu isn't the only one," I giggle.

"Listen, I think you should go," Christina encourages me. Well guess what? I'm staying.

"I don't think you are the boss of me, because I do what I want to do when I want to do it." She stands up and I stand up with her. "What are you gonna do, hit me?"

She raises her arm to slap me, but just as fast as she did, I quickly grab her wrist and bring her down to the ground, making sure she can't move. I am not getting a suspension for hitting her. They told us on the first day of school to do this and we wouldn't get in trouble.

"What's going on?" Coach K asks me.

"She tried to slap me, so I did what the principal said and made sure that I didn't get slapped," I shrug. Christina squirms underneath me, but I am not getting up. She can stay down there for a few more minutes.

"Let her up," Coach K instructs. Dang it, I didn't even get a picture of me pinning her butt down. "Office, now. Both of you." 

3 1
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