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chapter 1

A Dream, A ThoughtBY KallieAndrews16 | PUBLISHED 3/19/2014 | UPDATED 3/19/2014 | ALL DONE!

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Ever heard the phrase "Plans change people change"? While true, here's a thought. What if people change because of their plans plans change people change basically states that plans change because of people. People change plans change. What's your plan. What's your goal?

Just Another Dream:

Invisioned in my head I can see him. My every thought is wrapped around him. Every time I close my eyes. I see him. His hair. His smile. His eyes. I close my ears I hear him.

After the Training:

It's almost time. All five years of training never prepared me for this. They never knew, so they say. They never told me I had to do what I faced now. It's time. 

German Spy:

It's not you. It's me. Wellllllll. It's not really me, it's more like my job. Uhhhhhhhhhhhh, maybe not, it's my boss. Yeah, my boss. Weellll, no, it's more like it's the country. Soooooooo it's not not really the country, it's just the law. That's my final answer. I'm sorry. If you live, I'm breaking the law. so I'm sorry. 

My Dream Angel Boy: 

White feathers downey soft cover his back, but stay hidden from view. Peircing Icy saphire blue eyes hints of gold catch in the starlight and moonlight. Pitch midnight black, shaggy, and messy hair adorns his head. He's tall, thin, broad shouldered, strong. His firm set jaw prove he's as serious as he looks. His hair barely covers the only thing that show's he's still there, his humor filled eyes. His wings strech four feet out to either side when they're extened, and fall two feet down during extention. Layers upon layers of unblimished snow white feathers bring him to me every night, and take him away when morning's light comes.

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