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MariaBY Susmita24 | PUBLISHED 5/7/2014 | UPDATED 5/7/2014 | IT'S A WORK IN PROGRESS

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This fan fiction story is kinda like... A Leo Valdez (humor), high school coming of an age type of thing.

When Maria Martinez is assigned to work on a group project over the Christmas Break, she doesn't expect for all of the members to put the work load on her. That's when Leo Valdez; her knight and shining armor comes to rescue her from the misery, except really, he has no choice since he gets stuck in her group. The two seem to despise each others' existence until they find out they really have to just work together. This brings up a spine tingling, humor, and perhaps a love story after all? Here's their story. Copyright © 2014

10134 words3 chapters

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@taylorswiftlove12345 hearted Maria on 12/7/2014
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