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Edward Elric, I Presume?BY JoyceannStark | PUBLISHED 7/5/2014 | UPDATED 7/5/2014 | IT'S A WORK IN PROGRESS

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This fan fiction story is kinda like... Fullmetal Alchemist and some Maximum Ride themes

Joyce Ann is a chimera. And not your ordinary chimera. Unlike the rest of the ones in Lab 5 though, Joyce is 13 and human. But like the other human chimeras, Joyce Ann is combined with an animal; multiple animals, that is. Now, Joyce has just escaped, with some help, and has to find the one, make that two, boys that can help her. Along the way though, she'll meet a homunculus named Greed, an Ishvalan who goes by the name Scar, and so many others. But can she find the Elric brothers?

7438 words3 chapters

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