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chapter 1

Uncle BY annabella63814 | PUBLISHED 6/3/2014 | UPDATED 6/3/2014 | ALL DONE!

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I was scared. Petrified. Not once had I meet my uncle. He was sentenced to a lifetime in jail. I never thought he would get out. They released him for a reason my mom won’t dare tell me. Well, he was at our house when I woke up. I awoke to the chatter of an unfamiliar voice. It was deep and hoarse, and it definitely was not my dad. I could hear my mom crying in happy, sad, mad tears. I ran up the stairs to the kitchen where my uncle which I had never met was waiting to meet me. “Finally, I have been waiting for this day since I entered prison,” he muttered. I was anxious for answers and happy to finally meet him.

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