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Frozen (+disney/dreamworks)BY fairykyta | PUBLISHED 7/20/2014 | UPDATED 7/20/2014 | IT'S A WORK IN PROGRESS

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This fan fiction story is kinda like... Frozen mixed with various disney movies

Basically, its the movie frozen, but with various animated characters added in. It originated in an rp group on google+, so this is not just my story, but about thirty people each playing a different character notes:we have genderbent characters and variant characters This one contains the troll's prophecy and life's too short. slightly different. basically, before this, the characters had been attending a school together(it's mentioned at times) Our cast: Elsa-my character( +Samantha S) Anna- +Wynter Williams Raven(a dark variant of Elsa, Anna and Elsa's sister with shadow powers)- (+Lola Devoogd) Kristoff- (+Anna Kristoff) Olaf- +Bryan Doung Sven (+Cady Devoogd) Hans( +Maria Queen) Jasmine-+Jenny Noble Jack frost- +Michael Jones Tinkerbell- +Melody Pond Cinderella- + Breanna Winchester Tooth Fairy- +Kaitlin Pratt Snow White- +Emily Pratt Tiana- +Shauna Sanderson Aurora- +Autumn SMith Jacklynn(Jackie) Frost(genderbent jack frost)- +Blaire Bennett Melody- +Emily D Megara- +Red Hood(note-can't remember Hercules) Gizelle_ +Katie Cameron Toothless(yes, the dragon)- Yuna Park Thalia(Aurora's daughter, has earth powers)- +Artemis TheLightningTheif Erica(genderbent Eric)- +Jennifer Ayala Hiccup Haddock(and Astrid)- +Anna Kleiber Jane(Tarzan)- +Madi F Herania(genderbent Hercules)- +Emma Sprague Fliss Strider(genderbent flynn rider)- +Maria Queen Maleficent- +Rebecca Page Nala- +Brooke Simone Zarina- +Bridgette Beckstead Dory(Humanoid unless wet, then turns into a fish)- +Giana Simone Wendy- +Anna Kristoff Alice- +Laura Sivan Peter Pan- +Addi Paddi Vixey- +Cady Devoogd (there are a few mixed in i can't identify yet)

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