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Not So Smooth BY EmmaRocks123 | PUBLISHED 8/31/2014 | UPDATED 8/31/2014 | IT'S A WORK IN PROGRESS

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This love story is kinda like...

Danny wasn't exactly a bad boy, he never had been. Also, he had never had a girlfriend. Then, Jessie moves from Nevada to Los Angles, because her dad has a job relocation. Jessie was pretty, quiet, and rebellious. When Jessie walks through the doors one day at school Danny falls instantly in love. After that Danny can't stop thinking about her. He is even starting to do poorly on tests, which has never happened before. Will Jessie start to like Danny or will she not want to risk her reputation?

734 words1 chapters

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@secretchocolate hearted Not So Smooth on 8/31/2014
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