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chapter 1

The Huntress OathBY morgangame3 | PUBLISHED 11/18/2013 | UPDATED 11/18/2013 | IT'S A WORK IN PROGRESS

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 Desimere looked at me, her green eyes piercing me, waiting for an answer. I shivered in my orientation dress. The only hope I had left was the Hunteresses. I had to do it.

" I do, my lady." I whispered. Desimere smiled.

" Welcome fellow Hunteress! May many Venx fall by your hand."

 I so had to rexamine my life.

 It happened only three day ago. All I wanted a stroll in the forest. There was this one freaky tree and BOOM! I wasn`t in the forest,well, I was. Only this was a different forest.Then, I was attacked by wolves, only they weren`t wolves. They had human eyes, and could talk, and stand up. That`s when the Huntresses showed up. They killed them, than the head person, Desimere, said they`d been waiting for me. All the sudden, I was here, becoming a Huntress, than going to there capital city, Talis. In truth, this world was as big ours, with the same population. This world, don`t laugh, had magic in it. I`d landed in the Socerey Center, or in other words, Avlos, the creepy forest which generated magic to this world. It`s also where Venx, the wolf men, appear, including other evil, freaky things. The Hunteresses kill those things.

 So here I am, giving my life to a cause that loves to challenge death, in a magical world filled with freaky monsters, oh, and did I mention the portal that took me here takes three stupid years to rechange!! Yep normal day for Hazel O`Brian.

 I got to my feet. Two girls rushed me off the orientation platform. I tripped five times in my long dress. It was pretty, a black sleeveless dress, covered in black lace. Only I could see my breath out here, so I was frezeing in this forest.

 The girls huslted me into a tent and threw me their standard outfit: a cotton shirt,some type of skirt with tight but fexible pants, boots, a wolf-skin cloak, and arm guards. I quickly changed and stepped out. The same girl who gave me the clothes presented me with a gray bow.

 I held it up. The string was super thin. I tapped on it. The wood was completely hollow.

" What good will this do me?" I squeaked.

 The girl rolled her eyes, than took the bow out of my hands as quick as lighting. An arrow seemed to appear out of no where, and she shot. The arrow impacted a small nut about two hundred yards away. I blinked, amazed the bow didn`t snap. The girl turned to me.

" It`s made of thenian wood and calus string. Stongest bow ever know."

 She took out a knife from her belt and tried to cut the string. After five minutes, it didn`t cut a fiber.

 She handed it back to me, obviously annoyed. Then, she walked into one of the tents and came out with a leather knap sack. She opened it, and presented to me a belt. Attached to it were two knives, some type of water carrier, a pouch with seeds in it, another pouch with powder, and a vile filled with purple water.

" Uh, what are these.....condements."

The girl again rolled her eyes.

"This," she pionted to the daggers," are knives."

" I`m not dum."

" Then these are Fidar seeds," she opened the pouch," only eat these is you are about to die of stavation."

She fingered the powder," Klamus grounds. Only use these on people poisoned with Dracmos bite."


"Dracmos! A serpant with five tenfold heads! Its bite is poisonous. If you don`t administer this fifteen minutes after the bite, the victmin dies. This will slow the poisoning process and diminish the pain for awhile."

"Oh. Sure."

 She picked up the vile," Noman water, straight from the falls of Rovinstark. Drink if in danger, specifically in the presence of a wizard or witch. The can`t read your thoughts or cast petty spells on you. They`d have to drain there magic before touching you with a spell."

She handed me the belt, which I fastened around my waist. The girl pulled out a bigger pouch out of the sack.

" Food".

She pulled out a blanket, another thing of food, a map, a compass, a few more viles containing magical properties, and extra dagger.

" Now, here is your arrows and casket," she handed them to me,"now I`ll show you your companions."

"Your one, aren`t you?"

 She rolled her eyes," I`m Lerissa. Yes, I`m your fellow Hunteress, but I`m talking about you animals."

 I blinked," Do I get a dog!!"

 Lerissa sighed," You get a dog. And a hawk and mount."

 She led me to a rope were several, more than several, horse were tied. While I tip toed around them, she just went right through them. She stopped by a dapple grey.

" This is your horse. Now you can name him".

 I eyed the horse," A..I`ll name him.....Twilight, becuase it suits him."

 Lerissa nodded," Okay, Twilight. Now pet him."

 Slowly, I touched his face. The horse`s eyes perked up. I smiled.

"Hey buddy."

The horse pawed the ground. I stepped back.

"Don`t be a scared Burlf, this horse is trained to not hurt a Huntress." Lerissa scoffed.

 I straighted up," Right."

 I looked over to the left and my heart stopped.

"Venx!!!" I yelled.

13 15
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