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CodedBY rgm915 | PUBLISHED 12/22/2013 | UPDATED 12/22/2013 | ALL DONE!

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This adventure story is kinda like... Gamers, The Hunger Games, and Divergent

When you turn 15 you can sign the contract. Once you sign the contract you are a gamer in training for a year. At the age of 16 you take the test and are accepted into the game. In the game you are against the other people who were accepted. At the end of the game there is 1 winner the winner becomes the coder. The coder controls the game. The ones who were beaten in the game are forced into the camps. Those who are not accepted are forced into the camps. Those who do not sign the contract are forced into the camps too, making life revolve around the game. So Alyssa takes her chances and joins the game. Will she be the next coder?

5316 words18 chapters

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