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chapter 1

Our Journey BY kenbon | PUBLISHED 4/9/2014 | UPDATED 4/9/2014 | ALL DONE!

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The fact is, if your different people will not like you. Hate you even! Waking up every morning and dreading the fact that once again you will never be the social definition of “normal” is something a large fraction of teenagers have to deal with.

I am one of those different people, but my detachment from social parity is much more severe than simply not having the right clothes, or not being pretty enough.

From the beginning I have never belonged. Even at a young age, other children seemed to sense my immorality. I was always picked last on teams, sat at the back of class, and I never, ever spoke unless I was spoken too. People ignored me for the most part, and I was perfectly okay with that. It wasn’t until I turned 14 that my secret was made public.

And it ruined my life.


I was born two months premature. The doctors said my heart was to small on one side and I probably wouldn’t make it through the night. On the off chance I survive, I would have to live on an oxygen machine for the rest of my life. I would also never be able to open my eyes, resulting in a blindness that would follow me around as long as I lived.

The doctors where wrong though. Clearly I survived, but I opened my eyes about a week after my first surgery. Not once did I ever have to use an oxygen machine.

My miracle resulted in puzzlement for the doctors. I was sent away to an experimental institution in Michigan where I was pricked, poked and prodded for nearly a week. I also underwent many bodily tests to see what could have possibly caused my miracle.

On the very last day of my stay, one of the doctors went to speak with my parents. She told them that I was what the medical field called an Infantemeximiusmagnavirtus or a “Super Baby.” Super Baby’s have irregularly lined genes that give them a larger brain capacity than others. They are considered supernatural. Usually born premature, they have a wide range of unnatural abilities that most normal humans do not possess. It’s because each year as we mature, another portion of the brain is unlocked that gives us these powers. Every human has the ability to teleport per say, but only some Super Babies have unlocked the portion of their brain to access those abilities. The nurse told my parents that every year on my birthday I would be blessed with a new ability, or “gift” as my mom would later come to call my powers. There was also the possibility of receiving a marking. Markings are not supernatural, and the only thing they do is making it look like you have a tattoo when you don’t.

Of course my parents had many questions. The doctor told them that studies have shown every 1 in 500,000 babies are supernatural. Sometimes there powers are very strong, other times they’re so hidden you’d barely know they existed. You got one power every year until you are fully matured, the typical age being eighteen.

Both my parents where worried on the struggles I would face growing up. They were told that most Super Babies grew into very successful adults. Others where tormented so much through teenage years, they simply lost it.

Hearing this my Mother started to cry, and my Father, trying to comfort her, reminded her of the possibility that my life could be easier this way. I would have powers by my side throughout my life, and it sure would make things easier. Unfortunately, the doctor chose this exact moment to butt in and tells them that along with my powers, I would also have a series of both mental and physical glitches. Glitches are pretty much gifts gone wrong, and not much good can come from them. The symptoms range from mild to intense, but either way, it was another trigger that sent my Mother into tears. My Dad however, said nothing. He just got up and left.

I never did meet my Father.

91 66
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