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chapter 1

Tears of BloodBY kcmoore31 | PUBLISHED 11/11/2013 | UPDATED 11/11/2013 | IT'S A WORK IN PROGRESS

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       "This is it?" I asked as we pulled up the dust and dirt driveway.

      "Oh please, Hannah. I know you didn't want to move, but do you have to be such a debby downer," My mom replied.

      "I like it," Kyle smirked.

      "Because you're wierd."

      "Am not!" My brother whined back, as everyone but me jumped out of the car eagerly to start a "new life", as my mom put it.  

       "Hannah, please come out of the car and join the family," my mom tapped on the car window. "We want to unveiled it together."

      I sighed and turned the music on my iPod two notches louder. I hopped out of the car, a puff of dust exploding from where my combat boots hit the driveway.

      The new house was country in every way; rolling green hills, trees the fresh air smell. The house itself was a soft creamy two story building. It had a small front porch that lead to the front door. Vines crawled up the side of the house like spiders.              

      "Ready?" My dad smiled as he swung open the door and a puff of dust came out.

      The dark house had an old, well-loved, musk smell. It opened up to a mud room, which led off to a dinning room, which split off into a kitchen and living room. Upstairs, there were 4 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms.

      I stood in the doorway. This was my new life. States away from my hometown Jemy, New York; a place where i had to grow up knowing how to use anything as a weapon; a place where you never walked alone. Now i was here, in the tootal opposite town of Sunnyville, Oregon; where it almost always rained and the biggest town news was a cat stuck in a tree.      

      I shighed and stomped upstairs, leaving my family exploring downstairs. In my new room, it was an emty hollow shell, wiating for me to fill it. I slowly laid down on the wood floor; Dust rising and settling around me. It wasn't fair. My dad moved us all this way for a stupid job.

      He was a doctor (a pretty famous one; he could cure any illness, disease, or injury). In Jemy, everyone came to him for everyhting. But my dad, being the "noble" man he is, accepted a job in Sunnyville so more people would come to this town and their acconomy would stop failling. And my mom was an artist; anywhere with something to paint was fine for her.

      Then there was me and Kyle; forced to move here, to a new school. I wasn't "popular" in my old school, but i had my friends that i miss dearly. Kyle was always the wierd kid with imaginary friends. He was excited to come here and start over. I. Was. Not

      "Hey sweetheart," My mom whispered as she walked in, "How ya doing'"

      I started crying "Terrible! I hate this! TAKE! ME! HOME!"

      "Hannah, this is a great opportunity for your dad. Now, I'd appriciate it if you lost this attit..."

      "I'd appriciate it if you took me home!"


      "Goodnight, mom"

      Mom slammed the door behind her. I slid down the wall to the floor and side.

      Welcome to my new life... 

11 11