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chapter 1

HeartlessBY lovelivefashion | PUBLISHED 3/29/2015 | UPDATED 1/6/2014 | IT'S A WORK IN PROGRESS

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 I was there when it happened.I should have helped her.There she was being killed.Her name was Lyla.She was like my best friend.My sister.Lyla had on a red dress and a rose on her brown hair.Her brown eyes pleading me to help.I will never forget the look on her face.I looked away.The guards came in and chained her.One of them held a knife."Please don't, your highness please help me ,"Lyla whimpered.I backed away.The guard that held the knife was ready to kill.It slashed through her neck.I flinched.She screamed.

                        2 years later.........

 I am fifteen now.I yearn for my mom.She died 3 years ago.My father never looks at me anymore.The servants say it is because I look too much like my mother.My friend Elizabeth came over.Her gray eyes look so bright today.She wore a light yellow dress with tights and her brown leather boots were neatly tied up.Her light brown hair was loose and her gloves weren't wrinkled.Today was the spring festival."Isabelle, you can't wear that to the celebration!"She said frowning."Oh all right.I'll change,"I said.I found a robins egg blue gown with my black leather boots, legwarmers, black fur-lined gloves and a silver heart pendant that my mom gave me.She gave it to me when I was born.Elizabeth combed my hair."Wait your missing something,"I said, putting on a yellow headband on her."There.Come on, lets go eat breakfast together,"I said smiling.

 The festival was amazing.I went in my tower to change into my nightgown.I took my fur lined cape and started walking towards the front castle door.Then to the cemetery.I found my mothers grave.My mother was beautiful.Her golden hair and ice blue eyes and her smile.She was so nice to everyone.Tears pooled in my eyes.I missed her so much.When I was little she used to sing to me and tell me stories while putting me to sleep or braiding my hair.I put the whitish yellow roses on her grave.They were her favorite flowers.I also remembered when she died.On my 13th birthday.The doctors said that she had a rare disease.Her last words to me were,"Isabelle, always remember that I love you and will always be watching over you.Soon Isabelle you'll find out soon," she muttered closing her eyes.I sighed.I was still figuring out why she said soon.Dad never talked to me again.

 Next, I went to Lyla's grave.She got killed because some person blamed her for stealing from the castle.A day after she was killed, they found out she was innocent.The person that framed her was killed immediatly.And I was there, seeing her dead.I didn't help her.I should've stopped them.But I didnt.I placed red roses on her grave.I went back to the castle.

 This morning, I went down for breakfast.Dad was there.I was shocked.He usually locks himself in his studies room.I sat down cautiously.Thats when he started yelling at me.'You're useless!You're nothing but a waste of space! I wish you could've died instead of your mom!"That when my heart shattered into pieces.My world came tumbling down.All crashing on me.I felt tears coming.Everyone in the room looked shocked.I stood up."Hon-"I cut him off."I can tell that Im not wanted here.And only family can call me that William."I said.William was my dads name.I continued,"You were the only family I had left.But I guess that changed.Since you hate me so much, I'll leave."The air got much colder in here.That didnt bother me at all.Instead, it felt- soothing.I went to my bedroom and packed my clothes,pictures, and toiletries.I was done with this.I touched an empty picture frame.It froze.I stepped back and looked at my hands.I felt rage and touched it again.It was on fire.

 I quickly put my gloves on and left.My Dad was still sitting there staring as I got down the stairs.I felt mad again.Suddenly, It got all windy.The guards tried to stop me from going but they couldnt see anything in this wind.I got out of the door and simply just left.I left heartless.little did I know there was going to be an adventure.


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