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chapter 1

The Bender Chronicles, Book 1: FiregirlBY cupcakesndoughnuts | PUBLISHED 11/12/2013 | UPDATED 11/12/2013 | ALL DONE!

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      Well, this is awkward. I'm supposed to tell you a story about I saved the world? I'd be glad to tell you, but was it needed for a mob to barge into my room and flood me with all these questions? Fine. I'll tell you.

      It all started out on a field trip. That's right. A field trip. My class was touring a firework factory because we were learning about how gunpowder reacts to flame in science. Most of my classmates enjoyed the tour, but I had a feeling in my gut that something wrong was going to happen.

      I'm not an oracle. I'm Hope DeSantis, the 12 year old girl who wears bright green highlights in her black hair, the one who wears the orange headphones and always brings her iPod, and the girl who wears combat boots, jeans, and black or camoflauge tee shirts.

      While we were in the middle of lunch, Pricilla Hollister, the most popular girl in school, approached me. Don't be fooled by her golden blonde hair and her innocent look. She's like a wolf in sheep's clothing. Her blue eyes were beady with excitement, which probably meant that she targeted someone.

      "Why, if it isn't Miss Scatterbrain. How weirder can you get, listening to her iPod all the time and getting all cheeky when she talks to me."

      Pricilla's group laughed. Her eyes gleamed with excitement.

      "And wow, guess what? She's not saying anything right now! What a little creep!"

      "Shut up, Pricilla." I said.

      "With you and what army? I don't see anyone who'll even protect you right now."

      I didn't know what happened then. I got so mad that my hands glowed red and flames popped up. I threw the fire at Pricilla like softballs, and I didn't care if the teachers were yelling at me. I wanted revenge. Suddenly, a flame hit a firework, and it zoomed up into the air, causing large explosions. Teachers were yelling at us to get out, but I didn't care.

      After that little incident. I walked right out of there, not a mark on my clothes. 

      When I got home, my mom ran over to me and started talking her head off.

      "Oh, Hope! The factory you were in, it exploded! I thought, I thought you..."

      "Mom, there's no need to worry about me. Nothing hurt me."

      Suddenly, the doorbell rang. I rushed over to get it. Two men in suits stood before me.

      "Is this the home of Hope DeSantis?" one of the men asked.

      "Yes. Hope DeSantis is me." I said.

      "Go, pack your things. I need to talk to your mother. Don't pack any clothes." the second man replied.

      "Why do I-"

      "No questions. just go."

      As the men scampered inside. I trudged up to my room. I pulled out my suitcase from underneath my bed, and I decided what to put in it. I first stuffed in a blanket, and then a few dollars. After that I packed a pack of bubble gum, a bottle of Coke, and the 100 dollars my mom gave to me. Last, I packed my Swiss Army knife, my laptop, and my hair dye in colors of green, pink, blue, and orange.

      "Hurry up in there!" the guard yelled. "We don't have all day!"

      After I was done packing, I went down the stairs. The guards grabbed on the wrists and led me to the car. I quickly sat in the back of the Audi. After that, I put on my headphones and turned on some P!NK.

      "What are you listening to?" asked the first man, who was driving.

      "Pink." I said.

      "Do you have Taylor Swift?" 

      "Uh, yes."

      "Put it on the stereo." the second man said.

       I started playing the songs, and the two men started singing along. I got my laptop and plugged my headphones in, listening to Lady GaGa.

      "By the way, the name's Bob." the first man said. "My colleague's name is Rob." 

      When we reached the coast near San Francisco, the man driving twisted the wheel toward the ocean, breaking the metal bars.

      "What the heck are you doing?" I screamed. "We're going to die!"

      "That's why the car is waterproof." Bob said.

      Then, something extroadinary happened. The Audi turned into a submarine/drill and started drilling into the sea floor.

      When we finally a gigantic ball that is really really hot, a secret door opens and we slide into the Earth's core. 



5 2
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