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chapter 1

Still Watching (Percy Jackson)BY smootches | PUBLISHED 10/11/2013 | UPDATED 10/11/2013 | IT'S A WORK IN PROGRESS

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     I always have been jealous of Percy and Annabeth. If only Clark and I were like them. But we aren't.  If only he held me the way Percy does Annabeth. If only we had a chiding relationship. But the spark has fizzled out, I will admit. I still watch them,  how they whisper to each other, how he looks at her as if she is the only thing in the world that matters, how they kiss and melt into each other as if they are one. But one thing I watched them do I found quiet interesting, it is something I will never forget.

      It was a warm summers eve and most of the camp had already begun to prepare for dinner, except Percy and Annabeth. So naturally I had not turned in yet as well. Being the instructor of archery -Along with Chiron- I was always naturally close to the arena. As I sauntered past the stone entry way, on the way to the armory to return the eternal flame arrows I had borrowed for class that day, I heard a soft laughter coming from inside, so naturally I went to explore.

       Dust stirs under their feet as they strike blows and parry each other swiftly. She slashes, he hacks, she hacks, he slashes, it is a never ending dance of celestial bronze and sweat. Her hair glistens in the sun, her smile broader then it has been of late. "You call that swordsmanship Seaweed Brain? A walrus could do better!" She chides, her grin widening. "Yeah Smarty Pants, let the swords talk." He is tiring, sweat pores if his brow, his blows have become slow and more predictable. He could surrender, but he would never when fighting Annabeth.

       There is a soft whisper over my shoulder "Beautiful isn't it?" I start but my eyes remain on the fight. The light voice giggles behind me, "I've never known a daughter of Apollo to start so easily, Aurora Wood." The woman floats past me, her blonde hair licking my face. She disapears in mid air. Then she reappears at Percy's shoulder and whispers into his ear. He doesn't seem to notice her. 

      Then I see her face, soft and beautiful, she is Nike. She catches my eye and winks. I'm tempted to call after her as she strides to the other side of the arena and dissipates onto the wind. Percy drops his sword with a clamor and throws his hands up in surrender. "Annabeth, I'm hungry it's almost time for dinner." Annabeth continues to wield her sword, "Say it, I won, say it." He sighs his hunger has won, like many boys."Brains are better then brawn." "Louder!" "Brains are better." "The whole thing." He snatches her sword hand and she attempts to free herself. His other hand grasps her waist. Her sword drops to the ground. He drapes both arms and her, and hers' around him. He looks down into her eyes with his beautiful gaze and murmurs "Brain is better then brawn." "That's right." She whispers, a satisfied smile coming to her lips.

      He leans down and kisses her, encasing her with his body, protecting her from the monsters, the evil. This is true love, no doubt about it.  Oh, how Clark used to hold me like that. I let out a nostalgic sigh, Annabeth breaks the kiss "Did you hear that?" She asks. "Who cares?" He whispers into her hair, his breath disrupting the drenched strands. They go back under together, into a world of kisses, where evil no longer exists and time stops. A world I an no longer aloud admittance. How lucky they are to have that retreat. 

      Annabeth unwillingly breaks the bond "We better get going Seaweed Brain, or else they will send a search party out for us." "You're right." He mutters. He drapes his tanned arm over her shoulder. She smiles up at him and they stroll through the arch way in which I'm standing. Like a shadow I make a brisk slide into the darkness cast by the fading sun and pillars. The only sign I leave is the whisper the wind makes, warning that I was once there .

      They walk arm and arm across the green, armor glistening in the final rays of sun, bodies pressed together. They don't realize how lucky they are to have each other. Victory and Love were on their side today and they always will be.

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